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A Christmas Carol

By Charles Dickens

told by Mike Maran
with music composed by Alison Stephens and performed by Norman Chalmers.

Dedicated to the memory of Alison Stephens (1970 – 2010)

Mike tells the story – ‘a mesmeric storyteller’ (The Stage) and Norman Chalmers plays the music on concertina, tin whistle and thumb piano.

Scrooge is a terrible miser – but he can’t be all bad. He could hardly become so beautifully transformed at the end of the story if he never had the potential in the first place.

The ghosts are not so frightening – well maybe just a little bit scary. They lead Scrooge down the roads of the past, present, and future because he wants to see everything that they can show him.

Scrooge’s nephew, Fred, laughs all the way through the story. If you should happen, by any unlikely chance, to know a man more blest in a laugh that Scrooge’s nephew all I can say is that I’d like to know him too.

Ali and Mike worked together on Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and toured the show for 600 performances over the last ten years. They brought all the skills they had developed over these hugely successful years to produce A Christmas Carol. Ali completed the score and they were working on it together when she died of cancer. We have proceeded as Ali would have wished and Norman has stepped in to play music on the concertina that Ali wrote for mandolin.

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