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A Divine Comedy.

A new adaptation

by Mike Maran

An almost unabridged journey through Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso in search of Beatrice.

Will Mike Maran’s adaptation be as blasphemously offensive as Dante’s sublime poem?

Will Mike get Dante’s girl?

A mad flight of mesmerising medieval stand-up.

Dante has his finger on the pulse of popular medieval culture and knows about history and biology, geography and trigonometry.

He knows about algebra and what a slide rule is for.

But what he really wants to know about is love…

and if one and one is two what a wonderful world this could be.

Written 700 years ago The Divine Comedy sits at the pinnacle of Western civilzation, the single most influential work of literature composed by poetry’s most powerful practitioner. In this new adaptation Mike Maran joins Dante in the quest for the meaning of love.

‘A Divine Comedy’ is a one man show full of laughter and tears. It’s a good night out and a great story – one of the greatest stories ever told. The audience will be amazed that it lasted for two hours because it certainly won’t feel like it.

Describing Mike Maran and ‘A Divine Comedy’ the British Theatre Guide says…

‘Over the last decade, Maran has proven himself a practiced raconteur and performer with an easy-going, relaxed air about him. This has the feeling of being told a story in a friend's parlour on a warm evening. There are few more enjoyable times to be spent for the devotees of great literature, than in the company of warm friends and a grand tale, and that is what you will receive with A Divine Comedy.’


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