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Indian Peter's Coffee House

told by Mike Maran
with fiddle music played by Rona Wilkie or Morag Brown
directed by
Patrick Sandford

Mike Maran Productions new show for 2013 is a caffeine-fuelled, rip-roaring, swashbuckling story of kidnap, shipwreck, slavery, murder, mayhem and skullduggery set in an eighteenth century Edinburgh coffee house, told by Mike Maran and directed by Patrick Sandford with fiddle music played by Rona Wilkie or Morag Brown.

It tells the story of Scotsman Peter Williamson, also know as Indian Peter.

Peter Williamson (1730 -1799) was kidnapped in Aberdeen, sold as an indentured labourer to a farmer in Pennsylvania and then was captured and enslaved by native Americans.

He escaped, joined the British Army, and was captured by the French who sent him back to Britain where he published an account of his adventures which implicated the Aberdeen magistrates in his kidnapping.

They threw him into jail and then ran him out of town but he successfully sued them and with the compensation he opened Indian Peter’s Coffee House in Edinburgh.

He also published an Edinburgh street directory, ran a private post office, and invented a submarine for commuting across the Firth of Forth to Fife.

Indian Peter image
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