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Did You Used To Be R D Laing?

by Mike Maran
with Music by David Milligan

Mike Maran brings you R D Laing, pop-shrink, rebel, yogi, philosopher king, and healer, maybe. He rose to fame spectacularly in the 60s, was more difficult to get hold of than Mick Jagger, denounced normality for being mad, opened safe houses where schizophrenics could voyage safely through their madness, retreated to India to meditate, and disappeared with the 70s.

'Listening to Maran tell these stories was both engrossing and revelatory.'

The Mail on Sunday

Mike Maran retells the life and work of R D Laing with a jazz score based on the music of Bill Evans, Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett and Chopin, arranged for piano and performed live on stage by David Milligan. You'd be crazy to miss it!

A hit at the 2000 Edinburgh Fringe where it was awarded a prestigious Herald's Angel (a sort of Oscar with wings!).

'another masterpiece of storytelling ... another touching triumph for Maran.'

The Herald

Did You Used To Be R D Laing? visited New York, USA in 2007
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