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The Little World of Don Camillo

adapted from the stories of Giovanni Guareschi
adapted by Mike Maran & Philip Contini
music live on stage by Colin Steele and Martin Green
set and lighting by John Brown
produced and directed by Mike Maran

Set in a small Italian town in the threadbare years just after the war, the parish priest, Don Camillo, and the communist mayor, Peppone, represent the two poles of Italian life – the Catholic Church and the Communist Party. They stoop to skulduggery and worse to get one over on the other. But their public show of hostility conceals a deeper collaboration to defend a value more important than their respective ideologies – their shared humanity.

'They ... connect with their audience on a very personal level like your oldest friends recounting their fondest memories.'

Theatre Fest

With an original score written and performed live on stage by Colin Steele and Martin Green, The Little World of Don Camillo sweeps you off your feet and back fifty years to the Po Valley and a world full of hope that peace will last.

'the music is a delight'

The Herald

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