Past shows:

The Secret of Santa Vittoria

Adapted from the novel by Robert Crichton
By Mike Maran & Philip Contini
With live music by Dick Lee and David Trouton
Set and lighting by Jock Brown
Painting by Ruth Barrie
Produced and Directed by Mike Maran

It’s 1944 and the inhabitants of a small hilltop village somewhere between Rome and Naples successfully conceal a million and a half bottles of the finest wine imaginable from a German occupying force.

A community that wanted nothing to do with the war becomes a community of heroic partisans. No one breaks the silence – and the Germans don’t get a sniff of it. Not just an essay in heroism this production is a celebration of wine – the culture, the vintage and the tasting.

With an original score by Dick Lee and David Trouton The Secret of Santa Vittoria whisks the audience away to the dangerous days of the German occupation and the heady times of that sunny autumn of 1944 and a great vintage – the secret of Santa Vittoria.

‘It’s all great fun with a deeply moving moment when Philip Contini becomes incandescent in praise of the black grapes and the wine they yield for his pleasure.’

The Scotsman