Past shows:

Surely You're Joking,
Mr. Feynman

Devised and presentd by Mike Maran
With percussion by Rick Bamford and Mat Clements
Costume and Design by Michelle Kitto
Sound & Lighting by Jock Brown
Produced and directed by Mike Maran

Richard Feynman was a Nobel prize winning physicist, a great drummer and a wonderful storyteller – and this show is full of storytelling, drumming and science. Don’t worry! No one’s going to ask you any questions after the show. We’re doing science the way Feynman did it – for fun!

With pictures from the archives of Los Alamos, NASA and the Royal Observatory and the Brazilian rhythms of Rick Bamford of The Cauld Blast orchestra and Mat Clements, mestre of the Edinburgh Samba School – Mike Maran chronicles the wonderful and sometimes crazy world of Richard feynam from The Bomb to The Challenger Disaster to Tuva…or bust!

No knowledge of science required! A sense of humour would be useful!!

Writing a review on Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman in The South China Morning Post under the headline ‘Dramatic Science’ the reviwer says, ‘Mike Maran has the Caledonian ease and fluidity of a pub storyteller and a softly commanding voice…’

After a performance of Surely You’re Joking, Mr Feynman in Cambridge UK one Nobel prize winning physicist e-mailed Mike in order to disagree with Mike’s interpretation of Feynman’s ‘sum over histories.’ Although he conceded that many of his colleagues agreed with Mike’s version.

Not bad for a pub storyteller, eh?